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Our Mission

Your Quest for the great wines of the world is finally over - VinoQuest is here! VinoQuest isn't like any other wine business you'll find on the Internet, or anywhere else. That's because VinoQuest's mission is to bring you the finest wines from around the world. I have been collecting these types of wines for the last 20 years, and every wine for sale on this site has my personal recommendation behind it. Many of them are very expensive due to the combination of high praise in critical wine publications like The Wine Advocate and The Wine Spectator and the laws of supply and demand. However, many of them are relatively inexpensive and because of their quality, reflect much better value than a multitude of wines that cost a lot more.

The Importance of Storage

Provenance (how a wine has been stored) is important for all wines, particularly so for wines that were released two or more years ago. Another reason VinoQuest is unique is because over 99% of VinoQuest's 11,000+ bottle inventory were purchased by me on release at some point over the last 20 years and have been cellared ever since in optimum storage conditions: 55-56 degrees F, 60-75% humidity.

Viewing and Purchasing Available Wines

To see what wines are currently available on this site, click on the "Wines For Sale" link on the left. Once there, you can look at the entire inventory or you can search the inventory using multiple sort criteria. Once you determine the wines in which you're interested, you can contact VinoQuest by email or phone. Payment may be made by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). Make sure you read the Legalities page before ordering.

There's More Than Meets the Eye

Due to the arduous and lengthy task of doing physical inventory, only about 8,000 of VinoQuest's 11,000+ bottle inventory are represented on this site. Just because you don't see a wine doesn't mean we don't have it. In fact, if it's one of the great wines of the world, odds are we do, especially the so-called "cult" wines that are virtually impossible to find. So, be sure to ask us about any wine in which you're interested, even if you don't see it listed on the Wines for Sale page. Even if we don't have it, we may well be able to obtain it for you. And make sure to check back periodically, as we'll be updating our listed inventory from time to time.

Gift Services

Have you ever had trouble finding the perfect gift? Visit the Gift Services page and let VinoQuest take care of sending something extra special.

Cooling Units and Stemware

VinoQuest also has a full selection of Vinotemp wine storage units and Riedel glasses available. Please inquire if you are interested.

Consulting Services

VinoQuest offers a variety of consulting services. From assisting restaurants in preparing or improving their wine lists to holding a fun and educational tasting in your home or elsewhere, VinoQuest can help.

Wine Tastings and Dinners

VinoQuest puts on wine tastings and dinners at a variety of locations around the L.A. area. To receive notice, send an email email to VinoQuest to be added to our mailing list.

Consignment Wines

Sell your wines on consignment at rates significantly lower than most wine stores charge. For more info, contact VinoQuest by phone or email.

Email VinoQuest

If you have any questions, or would like to purchase wine or be added to our mailing list, please email us at info@vinoquest.com.

Updated Feb. 17, 2007
Todd Serota
President, VinoQuest