1. You must be 21 years or older to purchase wine from VinoQuest.
  2. VinoQuest can only ship wine to certain states outside of California. Please inquire prior to purchasing wine. If desired, arrangements can be made to store any wine you purchase from VinoQuest in the Los Angeles area until you arrange to have it delivered to the location of your choice.
  3. All listed prices do not include shipping, regardless of your location, and 8.25% sales tax, if you live in California.
  4. With approx. 1,000 listed wines, it's virtually impossible to keep all of VinoQuest's prices current. However, I always try to price wine fairly.  Therefore, VinoQuest reserves the right to adjust listed prices at VinoQuest's complete discretion, without prior notice. The listing of a price for any wine on this web site is not an offer to sell that wine, but rather is a solicitation for an offer from you, the consumer, to purchase that particular wine. A contract regarding that particular wine is not formed until VinoQuest accepts your offer to purchase same.
  5. While VinoQuest has excellent cellaring conditions for its wines and endeavors to ensure that all wine sold is in pristine condition, VinoQuest cannot guarantee the condition of wine sold, especially after it leaves VinoQuest's control. However, VinoQuest is committed to treating its customers fairly. Any issues that may arise with respect to the condition of wines sold by VinoQuest will be dealt with on an individual basis.